Why choose Dod-dle?

Simple to use, easy to understand... it's a doddle!
Easy to use
Written in plain English
Avoids accounts jargon
Online help*
Create invoices with your logo
Print or email your sales invoices*
Scan or photograph invoices into dod-dle
Print a full set of accounts*
Keep track of who owes you*
Keep track of who you owe*
Dod-dle automatically calculates CIS tax*
HMRC MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliant

Simple to use, easy to understand. It’s a dod-dle!

Keep your books and records safely and accurately using your computer, tablet or smartphone with our easy-to-use cloud accounting package.

  • You can manage your books in any place at any time
  • It doesn’t take up any storage space
  • Monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time
  • Designed for sole traders under the vat limit

  • Record your sales and expenses as they are paid

  • Keep records and print out a set of balances that you can use to fill in your tax return

Our completely free package




  • Similar to our free package with many more added features

  • Create your own sales invoice with your logo and print/email it directly to your customer

  • Print a set of simple accounts, rather than just a list of balances, ready for you to fill in your tax return,

Our simplest cloud package from




  • Our full package and is designed for sole traders, or partnerships, under the vat limit

  • Print a full set of accounts and automatically calculate any CIS tax due on your sale invoices

  • You can view, or print, lists of who owes you and also who you owe so you can always keep track of your money

Our complete cloud package from




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