Streamline the service you provide your small business clients with dod-dle.

Karen Lowen, founder of dod-dle, and a practising accountant talks about what drove her to develop dod-dle.

“Unless you’ve been on siesta in the far reaches of the globe, without an internet connection, you will undoubtedly have heard of Making Tax Digital or MTD. Whilst you may have a strategy already in place, or be waiting for a definite implementation date, there is a certain type of client that you may be thinking it will be impossible to cater for on a digital platform.”

The Accountants Hub

“As an accountant in practice, I recognised that the ‘shoebox’ or ‘carrier bag’ type of client, that typically turns up toward the annual filing deadline may not be particularly willing, or able, to use digital record keeping applications. I had found that this type of client was also likely to be the least able to afford to hand over all their bookkeeping needs to our firm. The challenge was to design a bookkeeping programme that was so simple anyone could use it.

No fancy graphs, no flash reports, just an easy to use programme written for people with no bookkeeping experience. The first thing I did was to strip out all of the accountancy ‘jargon’ and replace this with plain English. I then looked at colour coding the different sections within the programme and pre-setting the nominal codes to prevent data entry errors.”

The result was dod-dle.

“I hope that the birth of dod-dle gives these shoebox clients the option of at least attempting their own bookkeeping, so that we, as accountants, can carry on overviewing their accounts on a quarterly basis without a large increase in cost which we would have to, inevitably, pass on to the client. There is now a free version of dod-dle so that it can be recommended to clients without any obstacle. Dod-dle has a free to use service just for accountants, known as the dod-dle ‘accountant’s hub’.

This allows you to sign up clients to dod-dle, or assign existing clients to dod-dle and allows you to view all of your clients in one space. Each client account can then be viewed and any entries amended, or added, as necessary. Dod-dle is designed with the sole trader under the VAT limit in mind. We are also one of the only software companies working on providing an MTD solution based on traditional, as well as cash basis, accounting.

Whilst we continue to develop other versions of dod-dle we will always remain true to our philosophy – keeping it simple, keeping it real”.

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